Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moderated: In Reply: The Douglas Strikes Back

Submitted for American Power blog moderator approval Monday, 9/20/10, 4:01 PM (WIS blog time)...
...and (except for one sentence fragment that Donald chose to quote in a comment *he* made) rejected for publication, for reasons I leave for the reader to judge for himself. (I know what *I* think, but each can judge Donald's level of cowardice without my having to tell you what I think...)

After actually approving one of my comments to his blog earlier today, Dr. Douglas replied. This is my next rejoinder... Let's see whether he's brave enough to continue the conversation...

Well, no, actually, Repsac3.

Denial will get you nowhere.

And why you keep alleging victim status is beyond me.

Some of your posts of late read as though you're whining about how those bad liberal bloggers are being mean to you... Of course, you're free to deny that, as well...

I'm not supposed to fight back when folks like you launch campaigns of workplace harassment?

Are you alleging workplace harassment, again? Where? (Or are you still whining about those incidents that two other bloggers allegedly did to you over a year ago? And what is this about you writing to SEK's place of employment to harass him, btw...?)

Yeah, by all means fight back... The more you do, the more you expose yourself for who you really are and what values you do and do not represent.

When I'm slurred for all kinds of shit, old, fat, stupid -- you name it?. Is that what you call "getting his ass kicked"?

No, much of that stuff is as foolish and as ultimately meaningless as your own calls of "butt-freaks" "nihilists" or your penchant for creating grade-school style fake names for those you oppose ("hatemaster," "bonejobkeefe").

Getting your ass kicked is the more subjective stuff that makes up the bulk of the replies to you on those blogs you attack... You know, the stuff you dismiss with a quoted line or two from a friendly source, if you bother to address it at all... (But of course, you already know all that, which is why you're stepping up the attacks on the ephemera, instead...)

You showing up here again proves there are no rules, norms, or standards you will abide, because you're nihilist.

We've been over this, and I've expressed what my rules, norms, and standards are on this subject many times over. It's a public blog that accepts comments (albeit moderated). You don't have to print those comments with which you disagree (or cannot argue), but you cannot stop me or anyone else from offering them. (And if this is an example of your practical, real-world definition of nihilism, I really do feel sorry for those students who end up in your classes...)

For what? Misreading? Kinda hypocritical, no?

No. I specifically said that misreading the sign (at least initially) isn't much of an offense. What you did is make up a pretty vicious lie based on your misreading, and then attribute that lie to a whole group of people in an effort to smear them.

I stand by it.

You stand by what? The mistake? The vicious lie?

Unlike you.

No idea what you mean by that. Doubt you do, either, though perhaps whatever you make up to explain it (if you do indeed post this/reply at all) will be entertaining...

Nice try on the "evil" thing.

Pretty much nailed it, I think. But those who read my charge and your excuses can decide for themselves...

You must feel pretty stupid adopting nihilism as your handle.

We never did... Your constant misuse of the word as an epithet for your many enemies a few years ago--which you've replaced with variants of the term "demonology" of late, according to other bloggers--kind of bestowed it on us.

And Brendan doesn't offer a definition. Neither do you.

Well, we're not the ones making the charge. You are... Since you're the one saying we're nihilists, you're the one who should be making your case by defining your terms and then showing how the definitions apply... And for years now, you've failed to even try, let alone actually do so.

try this.

Again you pick a definition out of a lexicographer's hat. And again you fail to show with real-world examples (quotes, for example...) how I or anyone else you label a nihilist fits that definition.

Another failure. (It's always that second part that seems to trip you up... It's easy to just toss out labels against folks with whom you disagree... It's a whole other thing trying to convince anyone aside yourself that they actually apply... But by all means, keep trying, Dr Douglas... Keep trying...)

(The Marxist-Leninist stuff similarly doesn't apply... ...though you're welcome to attempt offering real world examples of my believing in any of that, should you wish to... In the meantime, what's freely offered may be freely denied.)

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