Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Biological Equality" Man of Straw

In reply to: Breakfast Scramble | BitsBlog--and specifically this:

"Common sense in the face of stupity, Donald Douglas, American Power:

Same-sex couples cannot claim to be biologically equal to heterosexual couples. What they seek is to change society’s discourse and overturn the historical and regenerative conception of marriage as between one man and one woman.

Same sex couples need to talk to God if they seek equality."


"Biological equality" is a straw man. Same sex couples are not claiming men and women are biologically equal. They are claiming that men and women are (or should be) equal under the law.

The ability to procreate is lovely, but it is not the be all and end all of the legal marriage contract. It never has been. The idea that the state has an interest in restricting the legal benefits of marriage to those who have parts that fit together biologically is crazy. (If it was about procreation, the state would deny marriage to those who are too old, sick, or philospohically opposed to having children.) People marry for all sorts of reasons, many of which are applicable to same sex couples, as well.

Relying on historical concepts as a reason to avoid moving forward doesn't hold much water, either. The idea that, "We must continue to do it this way, because we've always done it this way before." is a denial of every step forward man has ever taken. To be sure, not all change is good; but it is equally true that not all change is bad, either. The fact that same sex marriage has never been permitted before is not a reason to deny permitting it now, any more than the fact that it is permitted in some places already is a reason to automatically permit it everywhere. Many laws have changed, in spite of their being laws for a very long time. People change and grow. Situations change. Knowledge changes. History doesn't have all the answers.

Besides, no one's wiping out traditional marriage. Those who want their marriage to be between one man and one woman will still be able to do so, whether or not they wish to procreate. The only difference will be, they will have less legal say in the "marriages" of those who don't love as they do.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Waterboarding and Waders

I ain't got no blog (IAGNB) posted an off-topic comment on my blog.
I replied to it on the blog he doesn't have, commenting on the only post that appears there...

The comment I offered: I Ain't Got No Blog: IF YOU MUST SAY SOMETHING (Not officially a moderated blog, but likely to be disposed of after the fact. Posted APRIL 22, 2009 8:38 AM, IAGNB time):

In reply to an off topic comment posted elsewhere.

Read it or don't, my friend...

IAGNB sez:In all cases, of Waterboarding interrogation methods, that were used.

That's not even a sentence... ...even if it does have a period at the end.

They ALL gave up valuable information within seconds of being waterboarded.
And saved American lives!!

Citation please?

YOU liberals better wake up to the facts of life in the real world, and understand that there are people out there who hate and want to kill Americans, no matter how much the current president apologizes and tries to appease them, no matter how many Kings he bows to, no matter how many tin horn south American dictators he jokes with and plays second fiddle to.

Of course there are... And throughout almost all of our American history, we have responded to those who wish to kill us without torturing them. Instead, we have taken the high road and maintained those values that make America worth fighting for in the first place. When we Americans haven't lived up to our values, later Americans have done what they could to apologize for the mistakes, and vowed to do better. That is also a trait that makes our American way of life worth defending.

I'm sorry you don't agree with the actions the current president is taking. I felt the same about the last one. Shit happens. Rather than whining about it, perhaps you might consider offering real solutions, or finding someone who can among those who share your political and social views.

Off topic commentary on liberal blogs may be fun for you, but it isn't going to get you or your ideas and ideals anywhere...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss CA: Honesty vs Diplomacy

In reply to the post: Miss California & Gay Marriage, I replied:

"Do these pants make me look fat?"

There is honesty, and then there is diplomacy.

Sometimes, it's good to be honest. And sometimes it's better to keep your opinions to yourself and not risk hurting anyone's feelings or sparking debate at an inopportune time/place. There's a reason that no experienced bartender discusses politics or religion at work, and it isn't that they have no opinion about those subjects, or that they are dishonest by nature.

Miss USA is supposed to be more of a diplomat; a uniter, rather than a divider. While she has made herself a hero to the conservative community, she did not act like the diplomat, representing all Americans without controversy, that Miss USA ought to be.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleazy pseudo reporting

After reading the post: Utterly Shameless Lies on O’Reilly: Right-wing Blogs Aren’t Celebrating the Alleged Biden Coke Tape | Hanlon's Razor, repsac3 commented:

“We’re not saying it’s true, y’understand… We’re just telling you what some folks are saying…”

It’s classic sleazy smear under the guise of “reportage,” regularly practiced by the Murdoch/Moonie media like FoxNews, and a certain number wingnut bloggers who actually believe themselves fair… …or at least, justified in doing what they do.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Socialism, Totalitarianism, and Rhetorical Excess

In reply to: PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts - Politics 101: Totalitarianism, repsac3 said:
Though chances are slim my professor friend will ever actually reply, I suspect the response would include the phrase "rhetorical flourish" (or somethin' like it), and the notion that, while we're not a totalitarian state yet, we're getting closer to it, in much the same way a person who drives from Long Beach City College to Lucille's Smokehouse Bar B Que, 2.9 miles due east, is "closer" to swimming in the Atlantic ocean. (Had he said "socialist," I might even see his point, but I'm not so certain that Obama is even "2.9 miles" closer to totalitarianism than was any previous White House occupant, if ya know what I mean...)

Thanks for the much needed dose of reality.

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