Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moderated: In Reply: Donald Douglas tears up and runs for the cover of his moderator "Delete" button.

Submitted for approval 9/20/10, 5:52 PM
...and rejected for publication, of course. (As I said below, it's the only way he can legitimately feel like he's "won.")

Rather than post my previous comment in full, Dr. Douglas rejects it as unworthy of publication, but then quotes a piece of it for his attempt at rebuttal, safe in the knowledge that I cannot reply where his readers will likely see it...


You're banned, as always.

That said, this is fail:

"...you pick a definition out of a lexicographer's hat. And again you fail to show with real-world examples..."

First you claim no definitions. Then when supplied you reject them. And who's doing the twisting? I've got you guys pinned down. You're done. You got your moment in my comment section. You DON'T get your own milk crate to make a speech. Go back to your shithole of a blog and do what you do best: nihilist hate and demonology with all the other idiots fucks who drag their knuckles over there.

Just classic...

I replied, anyway...

Quoting a part of my reply without posting the comment is cowardly. (But you already knew that, didn't you?)

I'm guessing it's the only way you can feel as though you've "won," however...

Whatever, Dr. Douglas... Enjoy your "victory..." And come on by, should you ever wish to have a complete (and unfortunate for you, unmoderated) discussion... Your many detractors welcome you to visit their blogs, anytime you wish... ...though we doubt you have the courage to take any of us on without your handy delete button, anymore... It's the only "american power," you have left.

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