Sunday, September 26, 2010

Deleted: Liberty Pundits Blog - Dr. Gottheil's Statement of Concern is now posted at

The following comment, posted to the Liberty Pundits Blog post American academia: Condemn Israel, love Muslims on Saturday, 09/25/2010 at 04:14 PM (LP blog time) was subsequently deleted (technically "flagged for review") within 12 hours or so of my posting it:
Dr. Gottheil's Statement of Concern is now posted at, and is accepting signatures from anyone willing to speak out against human rights abuses in the Middle East. As you're obviously interested in the story, I urge you to step up and sign it: Support Regarding Discrimination in the Middle East against Women, Gays, and Lesbians Petition

Obviously, we'll be counting on everyone here to reply to this request.
Here's how I made note of it at the blog post where I'm tracking these "invitations to stand up against human rights abuses in the Middle East" at the various blogs to which I've posted or submitted them:
*** 9/26 *** - It seems that Liberty Pundits here flagged my previously posted comment for review. Y'all see what I posted at all these sites... Is a comment asking folks to sign s Statement of Concern about human rights in the Middle East, at a post about that very same Statement, critical of the fact that a whole lotta previous folks didn't sign onto it, somehow off topic or offensive? Or is it that Liberty Pundits hates liberals (and/or muslims) more than they love supporting God given natural rights for all mankind? Hypocrisy? You decide. ***
This is the fourth rightwing blog to either remove my posted request to sign the petition, or obviously fail to approve it's appearance (at blogs pre-moderated for content, a practice I find questionable, to begin with.)

All I can say is, I'm pretty disappointed in these rightwing bloggers. They claim to stand for human rights, and be so indignant when others--folks they disagree with politically, natch--fail to heed the call. And then they fail to heed the same call, themselves. It's pretty sad to see...

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