Monday, March 15, 2010

Feelings of Political Bigotry

In reply to: Want to see why I have grown to hate the left? | Political Byline, and recreated from memory, because someone accidentally closed a page he intended to leave open... (It was early, and I was still sleepy...)

Well, there's no point in my debating against your feelings, I guess (only you can change how you feel)... ...but I still maintain that the blogesphere would be a whole lot more civil (and perhaps even more respectful, too) if folks would stick to attacking the individuals who actually say or do the bad things, rather than everyone who happens to be in the same political or social group as that one bad actor. (It'd be even better if we could all stick to attacking the behaviors and ideas with which we disagree, and not attack the people at all, but I can see where that might be a flag too high to capture, given where we're starting out...)

I urge you to give this whole political bigotry idea some thought as you read (& reply to) the things posted out there in the vast political blogesphere, and I hope you enjoy your day...

Submitted for moderator approval somewhere in the neighborhood of 5:30 AM, IM blog time (and rejected, I think, because my other moderated comment offered at Political Byline this morning is still on the site (as moderated), while this one is nowhere to be found... "Freedom of speech" only goes so far, I guess...) ((Yes, I know it's not really a free speech issue... but them's the words Pat (the owner of the PB blog) used in explaining (& later defending) his decision to allow my earlier comment(s) to appear, and I don't want to cloud the issue now by bringin' the government into it...))

UPDATE, 6:30PM: Yep, it's confirmed... According to the e-mail I just received from the man himself, Patrick moderated away my comment because he felt it insulted him and his right to hate the left... So there you have it, as straight from the horses mouth as I can give you. (While I do think that one has the right to cut'n'paste the private e-mails to which one is a party into a blog post, I think it's cheesy to do so unless it's absolutely necessary.)

As to his allegation that my comment was insulting or in any way infringed on his rights, I'll simply note that I said nothing of rights, and only discussed the ethics of hating entire groups of people for espousing a particular political philosophy with which one disagrees... Given his plea for civility earlier on in that very post, I find his insistence on holding on to his hate pretty disturbing... But so it goes, I guess... (And his initial posts and comments at Don's place seemed pretty reasonable, too... Sad.)

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