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Will Donald Post it, or is the Self-described Lion Really a Lamb?

In reply to: American Power: Leftists Are Liars, and I'll Show You...

Comment in reply to the one Donald quoted here, but posted at my blog:
Donald, I replied to your attempt at moral relativism before you even wrote it. That the commentary Frisch wrote is more disgusting than yours in no way absolves you, regardless of what you happen to believe.
If you honestly believe that she deserved to have people contact her department chair because they didn't approve of what she posted in her personal/political dealings online, then I don't see how you can argue against people who disapprove of what you post online contacting yours. To suggest that there are different standards for those people you disagree with than there are for yourself makes you an absolute hypocrite.

As I said in the post, neither of you deserve(d) to be attacked at your schools for non-school related behaviors, unless those behaviors are unlawful or dangerous. I'm sorry that you seem to disagree, and prefer to be so morally inconsistent and intellectually dishonest.

If you believe there are distortions or lies in what I've written, you ought to be able to point them out. No where do I make the claim that you've ever wished someone's child dead. What I said was, you made disgusting comments at a post at a leftwing blog. The links are there for anyone who wishes to read the comment and decide for him-or-herself how disgusting it is. As far as making the comparison between your situation and that of professor Frisch, I'm pretty sure it was you who brought up the story and compared it to your own, not I. (Granted, you preferred to paint yourself in the role of her victim, Jeff Goldstein, but it's obvious that you're at least as much the perpetrator, as I showed.)

And while I understand that you want to change the subject, aside the one article we both quoted, nothing written by anyone at the Daily Kos has any relevance here. (But thank you for proving my point about your inability to discern individual authors and their individual posts from the site and it's readers as a whole.) Similarly, this isn't about me. I didn't make the bigoted remarks... I only posted about them. If the shoe was on the other foot, you would've done just the same. (Hell, you're trying to spin the story in your favor as it is...)

I do not worry that much of anyone--and most certainly not anyone whose opinion I value--will buy into your beliefs about my morality, Donald. I've spoken my piece about what I believe to be right, and unlike you, I'm not bending and twisting to protect my friends and crucify my enemies.

Writing disgusting things on the blogs of those with whom we disagree is wrong--no matter who does it.

Contacting the place of employment of a blogger with whom one does not agree--even if they write disgusting things on the blogs of their perceived enemies--is wrong--no matter who does it.

I note that you have so far not permitted my trackback leading to this post appear at the post to which it replies, even though I submitted it several hours ago, and you have made several posts since. Perhaps it was just an oversight, given how adamant you are about the fact that Fogg's comment did appear.

And seeing as how you repeated your comment above at a new American Power post, I hope you'll be gracious enough to permit this rebuttal to appear there, as well. I'll paste it in (along with a comment or two specific to that post) & send it just after posing it here.

(You're not under any obligation to allow my comments on your blog, of course, but it'd be odd not to, given how powerful you imagine yourself to be against we detractors, n'all... I mean, you are the Lion King, right?)
As far as your former student, I did not rebuke him or his comments in any way. In point of fact I agreed with him & said I was glad to hear that you are not the person in the classroom that you are online. I also reported that I have heard similar things from other students. (True, I did say I found it hard to believe, given how poorly you behave online, but not that I didn't believe it. And yes, I did also wonder whether you will continue to separate your politically partisan self from your political science professor self... I won't back down from that. I do wonder... ...and only time will tell.)

Finally, this isn't some plot to destroy you. (First off, I'm the guy writing that folks shouldn't contact the places of employment of their political foes, so I don't quite see how you can claim I'm a part of any kinda plot to do much of anything.) YOU made the unprovoked & bigoted comment at the Black Heritage Trail post. All I did was get offended, and write about it on my blog, which as I said above, is pretty much the same thing you do here on this blog. You're welcome to explain how the following comment can be taken any way but with offense, because I don't see it...:

"“Black heritage. Whoo hoo!

That is teh awesome. I goin' be try'n escpe from de massa's house to be goin' to dis heah black her'tge trail. Y'sm sir!"

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For reasons I leave for the reader to suss out on their own, American Power blogger (and self-described "Lion King of the savannah") Donald Douglas refused to post this comment at his blog.

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