Friday, September 11, 2009

Undaunted by facts, theblogprof keeps spinnin'

In reply to: theblogprof: 6 Hours After Tiller Murder, Obama Released A Statement Condemning The Act, 24 Hours After Anti-Abort Activist Gunned Down, Crickets Chirping

Explain again why this run of the mill anti-abortion protester *deserves* a mention by the President of the US...

Tiller survived a previous attempt on his life, was a nationally known figure for several years before his murder (thanks, in part, to anti-abortion outfits and media figures), and risked his life to help the women who needed his legal abortion services.

While Pouillon was passionate about his cause, few people even knew his name before today. (Even many in his hometown called him "the sign guy.") I know you believe he deserves the same (or more) recognition as Tiller, the facts are not on your side.

(And, as an aside... considering the fact that the motive was reported at about 7:30 pm eastern, shouldn't your countdown start as of then, or did you expect the president to jump up and denounce this as a hate crime before it even *was* a hate crime, like you and a few of your fellow rightwing bloggers did?)

Just somethin' to consider...
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