Friday, September 11, 2009

Anti-Pavement Wholesaler Shot And Killed In Owosso, MI.

(Anti-abortion protester killed, also.)

Reply to: theblogprof: BREAKING: Anti-Abortion Activist Shot And Killed In Owosso, MI. Will He Get The Air Time That Tiller Got? UPDATED with Video

Yep... So far, it makes just about as much sense to say the killer preferred paved driveways to gravel ones, and killed the Fuoss brothers in the name of *those* beliefs.

I'm not sayin' the murderer wasn't opposed to the anti-abortion guy's views or tactics or something, but given the other killings, there's nothing to substantiate the spin this post (& the ones linking to/from it, offering the exact same unsubstantiated spin) are putting on the story.

It's terrible when anyone is murdered, regardless of what the victim's political views are, or whether or not you agree with 'em. But it's also kinda cold to create a particular spin about the death that supports your side, particularly before the facts of the case are reported or confirmed from an unbiased source.

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