Friday, September 4, 2009

Donald makes & then corrects an error... right down the memory hole.

In reply to this: American Power: DDB Brasil Submitted WWF's 9/11-Tsunami Video to Cannes, and in particular, Donald's correction to the post (& two others):

If you "correct" the sentence by taking out the acronym "BBC," you might as well take out the whole sentence.

I didn't ask for evidence about anyone's pulling the Merit award from the ad; I asked for evidence that the British Broadcasting Company was involved with the One Show advertising awards.

(Updated to remove snarky comment about Dr. Douglas' history of admitting/correcting errors. While I still think this one was a little shabby, his correction at the other two posts that mentioned the BBC made it clear that his original reporting was in error, and he even acknowledged my help in pointing out the truth of the matter.)

-- Of course, he MADE his corrections by dumping the original text down the memory hole, making it appear as though he never made the error(s) at all, rather than leaving the original text and appending an update with the correct info, or changing the original erroneous language to strike through text, which seem to be the preferred methods for changing the text of a post if more than 5 minutes or so have passed from the original publishing date/time--but still, Donald did far more than I expected he would, and I probably shouldn't push my luck by asking too much of him.)
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