Friday, September 11, 2009

"The ends don't justify the means" post #1002

In reply to theblogprof: CONFIRMED! Anti-Abortion Activist James Pouillon Murdered In Owosso Because Killer Was "was 'offended' by Pouillon’s anti-abortion messages"

The fact that the motive is confirmed as of 7:30 PM does not justify those blog posts (including your own) who claimed that Pouillon was "martyred" for the anti-abortion cause hours earlier. Up to now, you were speculating & spinning based on your political views, and those in the media who refused to run with your spin, as well as those who actively called you & yours on your lack of facts in blog posts & comments up to now, were right to do so.

As for whether he'll get the heroes welcome that Tiller got, more'n'likely not. While I'm sure you'll see it as political & nothing more, the facts concerning the two men is very different...

Tiller risked his life for his beliefs and his legal practices as an abortion provider, having survived a previous shooting and many many threats at his home & place of employment.

Aside having a piece of fruit hurled at him and a barrage of "free speech" verbal assaults, I see no evidence that Pouillon risked his life in support of his views. (In fact, he's accused of a few minor infractions against law or good taste, such as interrupting a high school graduation with his signage.)

Chances are slim the president (or much of anyone else outside of the pro-life community) is going to give this man the same degree of coverage they gave Tiller, who was nationally known for coming in to help the women who chose legal abortion services that other doctors refused to provide. Which isn't to say that those of you who believe he deserves such honors cannot provide him the recognition that you believe he deserves, yourselves. For the rest of us, though, his death is no more or less tragic than is the owner of the gravel pit, who was murdered by the same man.

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