Friday, September 4, 2009

Donald's dirty tricks: One person screws up, blame everyone who shares his politics... if he's a lib, anyway

In reply to this comment: American Power: DDB Brasil Submitted WWF's 9/11-Tsunami Video to Cannes:

No, no sock puppets here, Dr Douglas...

And you know, you can stop anonymous comments anytime you want, just by changing a blogger setting... (Unfortunately, you'd also lose the anons who support you, and judging by one recent post anyway, they make up the majority of your commentership.)

Funny how you quote that line about smearing everyone with a given viewpoint if anyone misbehaves (from another post) and then proceed to prove my point by doing that very thing.

I have no link to WWF, the ad agency, or the ad. I thought it was in poor taste, just like pretty much everyone else here in America, including the Americans at the WWF. You're barkin' up a tree that just isn't there, mon frere.

Like I said though, good job on correcting the posts... even if you did so by erasing the evidence...
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