Tuesday, August 4, 2009

ObamaJoka, the "socialist," free speech, and hypocrisy

Tried to post this comment here: [Spoof poster of Obama's face painted as The Joker branded 'dangerous and mean-spirited' - Mail Online] about 45 minutes ago... They promised me an e-mail confirmation of registration so it would post, but I've not received it so far... So, I'm posting it here, so I don't lose the comment. (With all the right wing blogs I've been visiting of late, "copying before submitting" is becoming an automatic habit. I'm surprised how many of 'em moderate for content prior to allowing the comment to show up--though I must say, Sister Toldjah (& Donald, once or twice) are still the only places I can recall that've rejected any of my comments, at least since I started this site. {Of course prior to this place, there was that odd Libertarian woman from South Africa who posted in support of Billo's appalling treatment of Shawn Hornbeck, who blocked (& also edited, on one occasion) my comments on her blog... What the hell was her name? It'll come to me, eventually, and when it does, I'll add it to the post...})

Anyway, the point:

Whether or not you CAN say it (free speech) is a whole different thing than being ACCOUNTABLE for saying it. Aside from being factually incorrect (anybody who thinks Obama's promoting socialism clearly doesn't know the meaning of the word), it is kinda mean. (And yes, the posters of Bush as Joker, Drac, Hitler, et al. were mean, too. In the name of the same "fair play" & "intellectual honesty" some here are demanding from the left, I hope everyone who condemned the Bush posters then is condemning these now. Any who aren't, are the same kinda hypocrites as folks on the left complaining now, & diggin' the Bush pix, then.) I will say this. I think posting these anonymously and running away is a little cowardly... The artist of the "Bush as Joker" pic signed his work, and stood behind it, as did the majority of the "...but... look at these lib protester signs, that are just as mean..." postings I've seen. Just somethin' to consider...

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