Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bomb In The Building? Let's Not Evacuate, Because We Could Be Killed Out There

In reply to: Pat Dollard - Young Americans - Breaking: La Guardia Evacuated Over Potential Terrorist With Bomb, and in particular:
"I am always amused how the threat is isolated inside, meanwhile, a very large cluster of soft targets is formed outside. Can you say much easier target.

Most times government actions lack one simple ingredient — Common sense.

As if being outside the building unprotected is better than being inside the building."


You’ll have to be more specific, bill-tb…

Because, whether the “suspicious package” is an explosive device or a noxious gas, outside & away from it is better than inside the building…

Further, I know of no situation where the evacuation from the building holding the suspicious package has lead to significant casualties of these soft targets.

(I mean sure, if you’re in the free fire zone of a hot conflict, maybe… But in NYC (or anywhere in America, in the last hundred or so years)? I’m not sure you’re take on common sense is either common or sense.)

What would you have security personnel do with an airport or skyscraper full of people, after finding a potential explosive device or poison gas canister? With all due respect, I’m pretty sure that evacuating the innocent civilians is the correct way to go, at least until we see a rash of terrorist/madman sharpshooters, pickin’ off the evacuees as they hit the streets. (Now, if you’re suggesting we move them to a sheltered area, (a different building, a barricaded area outside) away from the potential zone of impact, maybe… But staying in the likely danger zone? I don’t think that idea holds water…)
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