Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey, have you read that post about Dr Emanuel and transplant ethics?

in reply to: Thingumbobesquire: Obfuscations abound (They sure do, Thingumbobesquire... They sure do...)

((The same blog post was submitted as a comment @ at least one of Jacobson's blog posts, and at least two of America's power posts, all unrelated to healthcare. (And that's just what I've seen, so far...)))

@Thingumbobsquire: There's a pretty good discussion about Dr. Emanuel at William Jacobson's blog, titled "An Inconvenient Truth About The "Death Panel"" (Short answer: I'm pretty sure the writing you're referring to is actually about the medical ethics involved when you have one donor heart or liver, two or more patients who might not last another 24 hours without receiving one, and a decision has to be made as to who gets the organ. Opinions differ, but from what I've read, Dr. Emanuel (& company; there were 2 other authors to the journal article) is offering a system of ethics that is more compassionate & fair than the one UNOS is using currently, in my opinion.) I'd read the whole threat... someone even mentioned the Nazi angle.

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