Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arlo may be a republican, but he's not a Republican, y'know...

In reply to: Ron Radosh - Hey Arlo! The Times They Are A-Changin’, which proudly explains that Arlo Guthrie is a registered Republican:

I wouldn't get too excited. Arlo can obviously speak for himself--& I hope he does so again here, since I've had two conservatives contact me pointing to this page, gloating, already--but after reading the commentary at ArloNet, a few comments from Arlo himself, in particular, (and particularly particular, his 7/23/09, 11:35am message in the "2 cups" thread:, I'm pretty sure it's a rescue mission, rather than a statement of approval of the Republican party as is, (or has recently been, either.) I highly doubt he was a big supporter of the actions Bush was taking, and suspect that his joining the party at that time was to move his fellow Americans (Republican Americans) AWAY from the Bush model, through his one vote, at least. (While he did this years ago, this is the first many of us have heard about it. If he intended to use his fame to help any part of the Republican cause, he's done a poor job of it thus far.)

In short, he comes not to praise the party, but to help coax it back from the brink.

Arlo says he's looking to pull Republicans out of the weeds and help them be a viable and sane opposition party. While I think it's a fool's errand (I liken it to the "Monday gas boycotts, to show the oil companies," or having all the libertarians move to & take over NH, neither (none) of which will work until everyone involved does the same, which'll never happen), I wish him well. One party rule for too long is a bad idea, and these tea parties 'n' town halls notwithstanding, I wonder whether the Republican party does have the stuff to regain control of any part of gov't for the foreseeable future...
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