Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Government Already Knows About That Porn Site, Buddy...

In reply to: -- ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Rebate Program Allows Government to Take Control of Your Computer, and the comments posted there.

It's not ten times worse... It's ten times just the same.

I'm glad someone brought up AT&T under The Patriot Act. Same potential for government to "legally" read & listen in, only no warning page ahead of time. That had to be exposed, and when it was, it was retroactively made legal by Republicans & Dems alike.

This is very bad, and I agree that folks should not grant the government that much unfettered access in exchange for using their site. But, just like the Cons here hope that Dems who were so worried about Bush era loss of privacy speak out about bad acts under Obama, I really hope that the Cons who're so worried about personal privacy now, didn't shrug off these same privacy concerns under Bush. NO government deserves this kinda access into the lives of it's citizens, no matter which party controls the White House &/or Congress. (I"ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume y'all did speak out against the Bush era ATT (etc.) wiretaps, security letters checking out your reading/computer use habits at libraries and bookstores, "sneak & peek" warrants, ...)

I think Beck is an unmitigated nutball (It's my humble opinion, and I pray God blesses those who believe otherwise, with all good things), but he is right about this.
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