Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Too much fame, too many people pulling...

Reply to: Pajamas Media - Miss California Carrie Prejean’s Odyssey: Not Very Pretty

Support gay marriage, had no problem with the question or the answer--though I disagreed with the answer--and thought Perez was awful the day after. Beyond that, I think that being held up as some kinda cause celeb by the right was the worst thing that could've happened to Carrie. Yes, she was a victim of some serious bigotry (Perez, and a few others) but victimhood isn't pretty, and will only take you so far.

I just have the feeling that, were it not for her being celebrated on every right wing blog in the country, she might've gotten on with doing the job of Miss CA.

My reading of events up to the time of the big Trump news conference was, she had broken some pageant rules. I don't believe that she was victimized by the CA pageant people--though perhaps they might've not noticed the infractions, or not cared as much about them, if she wasn't getting so much attention & scrutiny. (The photos from her past and the enhancement surgery would've come out no matter how she gained notoriety, like if, for instance, she'd gotten one of the other questions, but also somehow won the pageant. The "appearance" problems were likely the result of the marriage issue, but those things were the result of her fame, and it wouldn't've mattered how she got that fame.)

After she dropped out of sight (at least here in NY... I'd assume--& hope--folks in CA still saw her, occasionally), I didn't give Carrie another thought (& don't know much of anyone who did), and I was very surprised to hear she was fired, but less surprised to hear the reason for it.

All that to say, I reject the whole "leftwing plot" angle. She got mistreated, some, became a spokesperson for a cause that wasn't really her own, and may turn out to be the only one hurt by the whole episode. (Though I also won't be surprised to find her as a FoxNews reader, or hosting her own infomercial, or something. She may be down, but she ain't out.)
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