Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ratings & "the demo," Tex Antoine, Olive Garden doesn't want my business

In reply to: Don Surber: Conan thumps Letterman

"Oh and Jimmy Kimmel topped Letterman in the demo (as they say) on Thursday"

I'm pretty sure "the demo" was the metric in the Olberman / Oreilly ratings war, too.

@ JKB: I remember Tex Antoine (& his firing, vaguely... I was 11 or 12.) What he did was just stupid, but the sad thing is--(contrary to your claims)--had the rape victim been above the age of consent, he might've gotten away with it.

Not with the commentors on this Letterman thing... Maybe it made sense once, but now that the aggrieved parties accepted his apology, it's just lookin' vindictive. I never did eat at an Olive Garden, but I never had a reason not to, before. Allowing one's company to be bullied into submission to the point that they do something vindictive is reason enough for me...

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