Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MsPlaceDemocrat, Misplaced name

Reply to: Ms Placed Democrat - Wichitan Appears On The Glenn Beck Show (after reading about her on the Media Matters site: Beck hosts "disenfranchised Democrat" ... who's also apparently an anti-Obama conspiracy theorist)

I'm sorry you feel as you do about Obama and the Democratic party, and that you have essentially gone over to the other side. (You can call yourself a Patriot, rather than a Republican or a Democrat, but the widgets, gadgets, & gizmos you support here on your blog, and more importantly, the people who support you, tell the true story.)

One does not change one's core views this quickly. If you were on the same side as Hillary was issue-wise a little over a year ago, chances are good you still would be today, even as an independent "Patriot" outside of the party system. Looking around, I see very few areas where you are calling for the same things Hillary is, and many where you are actively opposing her views.

The only conclusion I can come to, is that by staying with the party that so mistreated her (& you, and the rest of the PUMAs), Hillary became a traitor to her own cause, and thus must be repudiated as just another sexist misogynistic Democrat who didn't support Hillary Clinton when the going got tough. And even that doesn't explain why you no longer support the causes for which Hillary fought, if not the fighter, herself…

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