Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Donald Douglas and religious bigotry: "Unitarianism is Nihilism"

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(Not technically a moderated blog, but I can't trust Professor Donald Douglas to leave the comment, anymore...)
Repsac3 has declared he's Unitarian, which has been discredited as disguised humanism amenable to atheism. It's nihilism, in other words, pure nothingness, just as Scruton shows.

I'd ask you to show where/how UU has ever been discredited, but I already know you never will...

Donald, when you start attacking people based on their religious denominations not measuring up to your own, you show yourself to be the very thing you claim to be fighting against.

I don't give a tinker's damn about things you say about me, but you really ought to think about whether you want to disparage every member of any particular religious faith, and how bigoted you sound when you do...

It's easy to disagree with and disparage others, Donald. But perhaps you ought to spend more time building your own house, rather than knocking down the houses of others...

For those who don't choose to take Donald's word as ultimate truth on the subject, here's some actual info about Unitarian Universalism:

UUA: Visitors

Unitarian Universalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Unitarian Universalist - Faiths & Prayer - Beliefnet.com

Think for yourselves, kids...

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