Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Socialism, Totalitarianism, and Rhetorical Excess

In reply to: PoliBlog: A Rough Draft of my Thoughts - Politics 101: Totalitarianism, repsac3 said:
Though chances are slim my professor friend will ever actually reply, I suspect the response would include the phrase "rhetorical flourish" (or somethin' like it), and the notion that, while we're not a totalitarian state yet, we're getting closer to it, in much the same way a person who drives from Long Beach City College to Lucille's Smokehouse Bar B Que, 2.9 miles due east, is "closer" to swimming in the Atlantic ocean. (Had he said "socialist," I might even see his point, but I'm not so certain that Obama is even "2.9 miles" closer to totalitarianism than was any previous White House occupant, if ya know what I mean...)

Thanks for the much needed dose of reality.

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(& maqy I say I think it odd that a blog that says "The views expressed in the comments are the sole responsibility of the person leaving those comments. They do not reflect the opinion of the author of PoliBlog, nor have they been vetted by the author." is moderated. But, to each his own...)


Steven Taylor said...

I have some filters in place that sometimes are overzealous (and, honestly, do not always function as logically as I would like).

Most comments appear immediately, some end up requiring approval.

At any rate, I did appreciate your note.


repsac3 said...

It's fine, sir... I understand... Believe me when I say I know how often that kinda thing happens...

(I just have a thing about moderated blogs, since it seems that too many of 'em moderate for ideological content, and then uses the fact that no one disagrees with 'em as a kind of manufactured consent.)

I'll be back to read/comment some more...

Steven Taylor said...

Fair enough--do come back by.

But, just to be clear, PoliBlog isn't a moderated blog--except in the sense that I try to filter out comment spam, which I get an inordinate amount of).