Friday, March 20, 2009

Petty pickings and small-minded complaints

Reply to Like He Doesn’t Have Better Stuff To Do - Ennuipundit March 20, 2009, 6:24 am comment.

Have it your way, Ennui…

I just think it’s a pretty small-minded way to look at such things… Some of the things you mention (staffing, loading teleprompter with the correct speech) really ain’t even his job. He’s got people for that, and his people have been dropping the ball…

Even in your imagined firm, the CEO wouldn’t be the one interviewing the potential hires for night cleaning crew, the secretarial pool, or even the accounting staff, nor would s/he be the one making sure the bathrooms had enough toilet-paper. And whether these things were accomplished efficiently or not, there’s little doubt that your fictional CEO would miss the weekly golf or poker game, or be all that worried about the whiney few who thought s/he should be manning the front lines of human resources, instead.

Sure, Obama could’ve recognized that the wrong speech was in the machine sooner, but again, it’s petty silliness to get excited because he didn’t… Even speaking the wrong words, he put them together better than the former president often did trying to speak the right ones. And, while both men have thus provided a few embarrassing moments during public appearances, each in their own way, it didn’t (doesn’t) affect either man’s ability to do the job at hand.

I just think that if you’re worried about appointments, or China, or Russia, or any of the other things that are his job to deal with directly, you ought to say so, and not hide behind or concern yourself with the chaff and flac that is so ultimately meaningless. It makes you folks look petty and vindictive.

Pickin’ on the President because he took 15 minutes or so to do a bracket–something that probably half of America does this time of year, and most of them while they should be busily working, I might add–just comes off as small.

You’re welcome to disagree, of course…

As far as my coming on over, it appears it was an accident… I thought you were someone else.

Earlier in the day, I read this post: Chuck for ...: So Long, My Boy, which is a terribly sad story of a man–a leftwing blogger–whose troubled 20 year old son committed suicide earlier that day. Truth be told, when I saw your name at S.logan’s, I thought I’d recognized your openID from the comments in sympathy over on Chuck’s site, and I thought that anyone who took the time to do that–especially someone who probably disagreed with Chuck much of the time–deserved a read.

But of course, it turns out it wasn’t you…

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