Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Military service and vet benefits

In reply to: Screw You, Mr. President! - Old Soldier, repsac3 Says:

It sounds to me like it’s a bad, bad plan… but I’m not so sure who’s in favor of it and who isn’t, as I can find no one, liberal or conservative, who’s said anything in favor of this idea. (Perhaps Obama has, to the head of the American Legion, at least, but even he hasn’t spoken publicly about it anywhere I’ve found.) On the other hand, one of the first to publicly oppose the plan was Patty Murray, a Democrat.

Taking care of soldiers and veterans should be one of our highest priorities, and I agree that any cut to their benefits should be tied to cuts in benefits for all who serve in government, from the President on down. No soldier’s family should qualify for food stamps, and if they are, it’s obvious that soldiers are not receiving enough pay.

No veteran should have to pay for treatment of any service-related injury or ailment, for as long as they live. (Around the time the conditions at that Walter Reed building were exposed, I read about a proposed federal medical plan that would allow vets to seek treatment in the private sector at government expense, though… While I’d like to hear more about it, I think that may be an idea worth exploring…)

What I’m trying to say, Kanaka, is that neither “the right” or “the left” has any claim to higher ground, here… I seem to recall a few Bush cuts to and problems with vet benefits, as well…
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March 17, 2009 at 9:33 am (Old Soldier blog time)

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