Monday, March 15, 2010

Touchy…Touchy..., Touché.

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AmericanNeocon IS Donald Douglas.

Well technically, Donald Douglas IS American eocon (there’s no second “N,” perhaps because, in his mind, being a neocon is the only way to be a “real” American.) But yes, I was aware. As Ex-DLB–and to some extent, Donald himself–pointed out, the professor and I go back a long way… I only used his Americaneocon appellation here because that is the name under which he posted.

Please Do.

I thought a good bit about whether to engage on this point, but I’m going to decline, at least until goaded on further… Several instances of this kind of behavior are posted on my blog and on his own, and I just don’t have the energy to dig ‘em all up and rehash them again. (Besides, is this really the kinda thing you want filling up your comment section?) If I were to name names though, I’d probably begin by suggesting that you do a search of a guy named Paleo Pat, and read the unpleasant comments Donald Douglas would write in reply to that guy when he made occasional comments at American Power… (And for the record, I know who Paleo Pat IS, too…) Then you might wish to check out the Erin Andrews saga (one example, from a third party), faux Liberty Bell situation, his war on Conner Friedersdorf, his war on the Ordinary Gentlemen blog and everyone who writes for it, … (and yes, there are others… But given your feelings as expressed elsewhere, I hesitate to bother going on, fearful that you will just refuse to see any of it… …and besides, I said I wasn’t going to get into it, didn’t I? )

As I said in my earlier comment, you’re welcome to think and feel as you will… …but from where I’m sitting, one is only Don’s friend as long as s/he’s willing to tow his particular party line… Strike too far out on your own (or use sarcasm or some other literary device he fails to comprehend), and you get added to his ever-growing enemies list–your willingness to take the punch and give him the benefit of the doubt notwithstanding…

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