Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No thank you please (LGF as liberal website)

In reply to: Tea Party Derangement Syndrome: Tennessee Flag Is Neo-Nazi Symbol � The Republican Heretic

I'm sorry, but on behalf of the vast leftwing conspiracy, I'm authorized to inform you that we want no part of Charles Johnson or LGF, no matter what political group he wishes to align himself with these days... (I remember something about him renouncing his years as a rightwing blogger, but has he actually tried to claim he's a liberal now, or are conservatives trying to lessen the stink in the wingnut war room he used to occupy by claiming he's a lib yourselves?) He made his bones as a conservative, and while we understand he's no longer acting like one of them either, that doesn't make him one of ours...

Thanks, but no thanks...

The left

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