Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Protesting as racist, violent, and unpatriotic... Say what?

In reply to: Evan Coyne Maloney’s Trip Down Memory Lane : Founding Bloggers

So, is the argument that two wrongs make the latter bad actors more right, somehow?

Because so far, I haven't seen much of anyone denying that individuals on the left also behaved poorly, or that anyone who held a Bushitler sign is coming out against those carrying Hitlerbama signs.

Is there some hypocrisy, in that the more mainstream people on the left back then said less about BusHitler signs than they do Hitlerbama signs, while the better behaved folks on the Right back then complained more about BusHitler signs than they do Hitlerbama signs? Sure... It's wrong, but it's also to be expected... Part of the reason for having an "other" is how it unites the group attacking that "other," even when the attacks sometimes go too far...

But by and large, I think the video is answering a charge that very few are making, because I've not seen many people claiming that these signs didn't exist...

In the cool light of day, the real question is whether or not one believes such rhetoric is appropriate, and whether their answer depends on whose hands are holding the signposts.

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