Saturday, January 9, 2010

Political Bigotry of a Conservative?

repsac3 said...
This post has been removed by the author.
January 9, 2010 4:32 PM
(Since the post to which I was replying was removed (by the bloggess, I assume), I removed my reply.)

The Chronicles of a Conservative said:
"repsac3 and Sue alike. I note your personal attacks in the place of debate."

CoaC: You're welcome to your opinion, of course, but I suspect we have a different definition of "personal attack," because I don't believe I've attacked anyone personally. (Things folks have said, absolutely... But people themselves? Not so much...) Perhaps you might offer an example of one or two of these personal attacks...

"The ignorance and blindness of the Left is Amazing!"

Again, I have no clue who "the Left" (or "the Right," for that matter) is... I'm repsac3... If you have an issue with something I've said or done, talk to me, but don't pretend that I represent everyone who more or less agrees with me politically, or that I am responsible for every action taken by any liberal anywhere. In fairness, I will offer you the same courtesy.

"I am completely unconcerned for your well being, and would relish the opportunity to let you know that I think your blogs are despicable , as are your misguided, unAmerican viewpoints."

Have at it--preferably there, because I'm not sure it'd be a welcome subject, here--but please, if you do, be far more specific... Taking issue is fine. Generalized "I hate you because you don't agree with me" is just political bigotry, and there's far too much of that, already...

"Had your views any credibility, you would be looking to help Pam’s situation here"

And one does this how, exactly?
How is your comment helping Pam's situation?

Because I surely do not see much of anything here in your comment that's helpful to anyone, aside perhaps your own ego.
But by all means, teach on, CoaC... Tell us all how each of us can help Pam out, with you as our guide...

The Chronicles of a Conservative (CoaC), who blogs at The Chronicles of a Conservative


Beth said...

this has got to be the sickest blog ever!

TRUTH 101 said...

Posted at Oracular Opinion as a response to a vicious attack on Repsac3.

Whoa there Malcontent. Repsac's my friend and I won't sit idly by while a big meanie like you calls him "pernicious." Pamela can delete me if she must but nobody calls my friend something unmanly like that without paying for it! You big smelly butt you!

Let that be a lesson to you Mal.

January 10, 2010 4:04 PM

repsac3 said...

A brilliant retort there, Beth.

Please come on back when you have something intelligent (or at the very least, on topic) to say.

Thanks for stopping by, though...

Truth: Much as I appreciate the defense (and I most certainly do), the same goes for you, topic-wise...

I really don't want to expand or rehash battles from other posts (and from other blogs, especially) in the comment sections of my blog network... I get that you didn't want me to miss your fine comment, but... well, I think you know what I'm sayin'... 8>)

the malcontent said...

Great blog.. It's nice to see you've set aside this special place to humiliate yourself in public.

repsac3 said...

Off topic (& kinda lame, besides) insults...

You really are malcontented (or is it that you have little more to offer the world than malicious content?), and it's easy to see why.

Thanks for stoppin' by, Malc. Your comments are a testament to the kind of person you choose to be, and I've no doubt your cheeto-stained fingers will have you crossing my path again soon. (Within reason, it's fine, of course... You make an excellent example of how not to behave toward others, and I'll be glad to refer to the foolishness you post at every opportunity. When I tire of you, you'll be deleted here for trollishness, just as you are on so many other blogs...)

Shaw Kenawe said...

Well I'm guilty of comment moderation--but only for a day or so, or until the trolls realize that their low ambition to see their uninteresting rants displayed would be thwarted.

Like children, most trolls need the instant gratification of seeing adults react to their juvenile behavior.

In that case, comment moderation works.

I have had two of your visitors here deposit unwanted and unprovoked rants at my site. (HINT: TRUTH is not one of them)

For some ideosyncrantic reason, these two characters return again and again to my blog, only to be deleted.

I dunno. Must be some weird and kinky thing for the two of them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

bd speling!


repsac3 said...

In that case, comment moderation works.

I know... and perhaps the day will come when I'll join ya in that way of handling these kinda folks, but for now, I'm having too much fun laughing at 'em...

I have had two of your visitors here deposit unwanted and unprovoked rants at my site.

I blame all these trollish types on Truth... For whatever reason, this whole mess of cons just don't like the guy, and more'n'a few of 'em take to lashing out at him and anyone he knows &
"pals around with" in the blogesphere, wherever they may be. I've received a few (4-5) unprovoked visits over the last several months from this crew -- (they all comment on & link to each other's blogs--kinda like we do, actually--so you know it's more than a coincidence) -- and now that I'm more directly engaging them (here & at Pam's place), the visits are getting more frequent and nasty (but not much more on topic, sadly...).

It'll be whatever it will be... I'm not going to get too wrapped up in their nonsense or allow them free reign, but so far, they're only embarrassing themselves, as far as I'm concerned. Should the visits become too bigoted, foul, or frequent, my approach to them will change, as well.