Friday, January 8, 2010

In reply to a "thinking" man

In reply to "Frank The Thinking Man's" January 8, 2010 11:43 AM comment -- done here, because such a reply was no longer welcome where he'd posted the original comment. (In fact, the comment itself wasn't welcome there either, and was deleted by the owner of that blog before I was able to get this posted... What follows is all that Frank said, and my reply to every word.)

Frank The Thinking Man, sez:
Hey repsac3, Get a life and stop analyzing everyone's comments!

Perhaps you might get a life and stop analyzing mine... I don't recall your even being in this conversation, up to now... (Besides, at best, I was only analyzing one person's comments--the person to whom I was actually talking--and only because his comments didn't make sense.)

I see that you've got you panties in a bunch again...

If you say so... though I'm pretty sure you don't even know me, which kinda makes one wonder what the hell you're talking about...

I honestly think that some of these people are living in La, La land. I smell anger and rebellion in each and every of your words here.

If you're smelling anything in words, I think we know who's really in LaLa land.
No, I'm not angry at all... In fact, I'm amused.

Why do people like her/him just keep coming back and back and back. Until they become a real pain in the ass.

Him, thanks... It's a conversation, Frank. One party talks, then the other responds, and so on... Sometimes others join in.... As far as I know, that's what bloggers who choose to keep their comment sections open are looking for, at least in part.

As for conversation or anyone engaged in it being a real pain in the ass, that's open to individual interpretation, I guess. I may well think the same of you and your contribution, though I'd likely be less willing to blurt it out, particularly at first meeting... Everyone's an asshole, sometimes... I try not to make snap judgments about folks...

I feel sorry for people like that. I really do. I honestly gave up and don’t care anymore about what anyone says on their blogs anymore, because everybody is going to say something that another person don’t like... .

Your words belie your actions, Frank... If you didn't care, you wouldn't've commented...

You are correct, however... No matter what one posts, someone's going to disagree. (Again, that's what the comment section of a blog is for, in part...)

Also, I am sick of people’s comments thinking they have the answers to solving everyone els’s problems.

In a strange way, Frank, that's how this whole thing got started... If a whole bunch of Pam's fellow conservatives hadn't slammed on her for posting on the sites of & being respectful to a few liberal bloggers--thinkin' they know better than her how Pam should conduct her online life, and being pretty damned insistent and disrespectful about it, besides--she never would've written the post to which POL, you & I replied.

I make no claim to having any answers, but like you & the rest of the folks who posted comments to Pam's "MY blog" post, I do have opinions, and I posted 'em. You needn't agree with 'em, but there's no need to make 'em into some kind of demands to follow into bliss. All I did was speak my mind, Frank... No more, and no less.

I suggest you people stop analyzing what’s wrong with me or the Professor or anyone else. . Stop bugging us with your useless comments already! How long is this going to go on. . You can’t analyze anyones feelings from just reading this blog. So stop it!

The only way people are going to stop judging you (or me, or anyone else) is if you stop putting yourself out there. No one critiques an unspoken thought. If you speak, people are going to judge you by what you say, so all I can tell you is you have two choices; Shut up or man up. (It gets pretty easy the more you actually do what you more or less suggested above--fail to care; Sometimes you have to look at the folks doing the judging, and decide how much or how little their (stupid) opinions matter to you or to anyone else, anyway... There's a whole lotta folks not worth one's attention.)

If the Professor says he don’t want to continue with this subject, why are YOU writing 2,000 more words to him?

Because, Frank, I'm not him, and I thought that some of what he said--both initially & in his subsequent comments--was a tad disingenuous. I replied, to say so. (As far as I know, there is no mystical blog rulebook that allows a person to spout whatever nonsense they like, and then insulate themselves from reply by saying they don't want to talk about it anymore. Like it or not, one cannot declare the conversation over just after granting themselves the last word.)

It seems to me that his explanation for deleting his own comment should be sufficient, so why question him?

I didn't question his explanation for deleting his comment--though I did subsequently disagree with it in a later comment. I questioned his hostility to the fact that I wasn't able to read his mind and know he was going to do so, and thus replied to the comment at the same time he was deleting it. To me, that was a valid question.

I get people talking about me politically on other blogs. I got people analyzing my site and my personality on other stupid blogs. What are you trying to do? Bring traffic to your site? If you can’t bring yourself to end a topic then that’s your frigge’n problem. TAKE IT TO YOUR BLOG. We’ve all been through some sort of crap in our lives and experiences, we don’t need you or anyone else to question us.

As I said above, as long as you put yourself out there, you're going to get people judging you. If you can't deal with being judged for what you say & how you say it, you'd be better off not speaking... The only other alternative is to accept that it's gonna happen, sometimes... It's the price of "fame."

As for what I'm doing, the answer is no more or less than you or any other person who comments on other folk's blogs is doing... So I guess the question can be turned 'round on you, sir... Looking for traffic, are you? (Or was it just that you thought had something relevant to say, perhaps?)

It's interesting that you simultaneously attack me for not ending the topic and continue the topic, yourself... You send a very mixed message, Frank... ...but perhaps you believe the rules are somehow different when you do the opposite of what you tell others to do... Practice what you preach, my friend.

Proffessor, if I were you, I’d ignore her/him. I know it’s hard, but I’m slowly starting to learn that if you pretend it didn’t happen–at least on the web, you can move on to someone or something else.

Sound advice... Now if only you'd thought to take it, yourself...

The players:
Frank The Thinking Man,, blogger at Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full

Professor of Life (POL), blogger at Professor of Life

Pamela D. Hart, who blogs at The Oracular Opinion

And then me, of course...

UPDATE, 4:10 PM: I'd gladly send this post to Frank, but he hasn't published his e-mail address on his profile
And, while I could post a link to this post as an off topic comment on his most recent blog post, it'd make me a hypocrite to do so, since I often delete such off topic chaff on my own blogs. If you have an opinion as to what you think I should do as far as this dilemma goes, feel free to leave it as a comment. I'll read it, though I can't promise I'll take your advice...


Pamela D. Hart said...

If you have an opinion as to what you think I should do as far as this dilemma goes, feel free to leave it as a comment.

Maybe leave a comment at his blog that you have a "message" for him here?

repsac3 said...

Yeah, I considered that--the off-topic comment--but I'm hoping that your announcement & mine in the comment section of your MY blog post--which is where it all started, after all--will be sufficient.

If not, perhaps I'll take that next step... ...or perhaps I won't bother. We shall see...