Saturday, December 19, 2009

Please don't kick the grieving mother when she's down

In reply to shellie ross tweets her sons death 30 mins after he drowns - Grateful Always

It’s like if you are going to DO that be prepared for the GOOD and the BAD… b/c the internet is a melting pot of both.

But that doesn’t give holier-than-thou judges the moral right to be the bad. There is nothing to gain by kicking a grieving mother when she’s down, and folks like you & Ms. McGraw ought to consider showing a her little compassion, because just as with Ms. Ross, people are reading your very public and unprotected words and judging your humanity and heart by them.

As others have said, would it really have made a difference if she was baking cupcakes for her 11 year old son’s class, or going to the bathroom, or doing any one of a hundred other common ordinary things that ordinary parents do while “watching” their kids, when her 2 year old s son–who she thought was safely playing with his 11 year old sibling in a part of the yard where he could not get to the pool–did get there and unfortunately did fall in?

Do you know of any parent who has not had a child get injured in any way while they were the adult in charge? Because I sure don’t… …but even so, I don’t think that all parents should be judged as wanting for having failed their children, either.

Yes, in retrospect, I’m sure there are a hundred things that Ms Ross or some other member of her family could’ve done to prevent this tragedy, and I’m sure they would’ve done them all, if they only had the benefit of hindsight that her critics now have.

I understand that you folks think you’re doing some kinda good by lashing out at this poor woman–though for the life of me, I do not know what that good is supposed to be–but I cannot help but think that there are some cold, cold people in the world…
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