Monday, December 21, 2009

Geeze, look at Madison McGraw's tweet stream...

...Was she neglecting her kids while making all those nasty posts about Shellie Ross? (Not here... See KillTruck's link, below.)


Great post. I gave it a kudo-filled mention at my own blogger post on the subject, What'd I Say?: Shellie Ross, Twitter, and The "Right" Way to Grieve (and this is the closest I could come to approximating a trackback).

In retrospect, it wasn't especially kudo-filled, though I did pretty much imply that I wish I'd written it. (I intended to write a post on this aspect of the story, but MM's twitter feed was protected from prying eyes, at the time.) I expect that KT's was better than the one I never wrote, anyway... (Just assume it was.)

Submitted for approval 12/21/09, (06:30:30) KillTruck blog time, (which as I recall from my perch here at 11:04 AM Immoderate Monk blog time, was about 2:00 AM, IM blog time. (Because it was essentially just a trackback, I wasn't going to do a post for it here, but because it still hasn't been approved, and I want to include it in my Roundup & Commentary post for 12/21/09, and need a working link, I changed my mind.)


Anonymous said...

I only moderate comments because I've had people wish for my death, and my mother doesn't enjoy seeing me called the c-word. Even then, after someone has one approved comment they aren't moderated anymore.

And Shellie Ross didn't have to worry about neglecting her child when she was posting about Madison McGraw because at that point her child WAS DEAD.

repsac3 said...

No sweat on moderating comments. *I* don't think it's all that necessary, but then, *I* don't run your blog, so there's no reason that anyone who isn't me need give a damn what *I* think on the subject. Moderate away, if that be your wish.

The point of this blog, though, is that I don't want to give anyone else the option of making my hard written & well thought out comments (if I do say so myself) completely disappear from the intertubes.

Blog owners are welcome to control any & all words that do (or don't) appear on their blogs, But by the same token, with this blog, I control the ones I write. (& at the same time, for whatever it's worth, I expose those bloggers who manufacture a false impression that everyone agrees with 'em by weeding out all the contradictory comments submitted to their blog.)

As far as Shellie Ross: I'm wondering whether one of us is misreading the other a little, because your comment here seems a little harsh & hurtful, and not at all like what you said on your blog.

To be clear, *I'm* saying that your post was great, and that it shows how much time Madison McGraw put into attacking Ms. Ross. The comment about "neglecting kids" was also aimed at Madison, wondering aloud where #madcow's kids were while she was posting all that crap accusing Shellie of being a neglectful mother.

For the record though, Shellie does have two other children, so it's not entirely accurate to say that even after Bryson was dead (or "WAS DEAD"), there were no children she could potentially neglect. I don't for a second think she *WAS* neglecting them (or honestly, that it's any business of we internet strangers, even if she was), but it was in fact possible.

If it's you misunderstanding me, I hope this comment clears it up.
If it's me misunderstanding you, feel free to come on back & show me where I'm misreading whatever it is I'm misreading. I promise to try to keep an open mind.