Saturday, October 17, 2009

Comparing Bush/Obama: audience vetting and the press

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I see a huge difference between the carefully scripted and vetted-for-political opinion crowds at the average Bush speech, vs preferring to avoid something on the order of a boisterous transvestite or code pinker contingent disrupting an event. The biggest difference of course, is that a Code Pink member did attend the event, and did hand the President the petition. People opposed to Mr Bush's policies were removed from the audience for wearing t-shirts or having a bupersticker on one's car that didn't tow the "right" line.

As for appearing on FoxNews, that the administration--including the president--oughta do (as long as he sticks with the one's who claim to be journalists, rather than the avowed opinioneers.) I'm with John Nichols as to where FoxNews stands, but opposition questioning (and intelligent responses, of course) make for a better, more responsive government.

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